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The Staff of The World Food Prize Foundation

Led by Barbara Stinson, The World Food Prize Foundation staff is dedicated to fulfilling the Foundation's purpose of elevating innovation and inspiring action through recognition and education of contributions to human development for increasing the quality, quantity and availability of food in the world.

Pictured above (left to right) are:

First Row - Former Director of Planning Meghna Ravishankar, Vice President Mashal Husain, President Barbara Stinson and Director of Youth Leadership Development Kelsey Tyrrell.

Second Row - Former Event and Archival Specialist Alli Jones and Former Event and Archival Specialist Megan De Sart

Third Row -  Director of Global Programs and Partnerships Keegan Kautzky, Director of Global Programs and Partnerships Morgan Day and Director of Communications and Events Nicole Barreca

Fourth Row - Director of Secretariat Operations and International Internships Ellen Franzenburg, Director of the Iowa Hunger Summit and Community Outreach Madeline Goebel and Special Assistant to the President Meghan Walters

Fifth Row - George Washington Carver Interns Signe Mattson, Noelle Hass, Sophie Bergan and Ian O'Hagan

Not Pictured: Program Coordinator Austin Castillo-Leovan, Program Coordinator Joi Latson and Program Coordinator Abby Schulte

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