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2004 Ceremony

THE 2004 WORLD FOOD PRIZE was awarded to Dr. Monty Jones of Sierra Leone and Dr. Yuan Longping of China, who received Prize October 14 at the Iowa State Capitol Building. The ceremony took place during the 2004 Borlaug Dialogue with the theme "Rice, Biofortification and Nutrition."

Dr. Jones and Dr. Longping , two independent rice scientists, were both honored for their miraculous breakthroughs in this staple crop that led to the betterment of countless lives.
Attended by dignitaries and experts from over 60 countries, the Laureate Ceremony was a special celebration of United Nations World Food Day and The International Year of Rice.
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2004 World Food Prize Laureate Award Ceremony

Drs. Jones and Longping accept 2004 World Food Prize


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