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World Food Prize Nomination & Selection Procedure

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To be considered, nominations and all seconding and supporting documents must be submitted by May 1 of the year for which they are to be considered. Incomplete nominations will not be considered.

The World Food Prize Secretariat assists the Selection Committee by reviewing all nominations for appropriateness and completeness and then forwarding them to the Selection Committee.

The Selection Committee then reviews the nominations and recommends the recipient and first alternate it deems most worthy for the award based on The Prize's criteria. Recommendations are forwarded through the President of the Foundation to the Foundation’s Chairman of the Board of Directors and Council of Advisors for final approval.

The Selection Committee especially welcomes the nominations of individuals who have worked across political boundaries to feed hungry people in a way that promotes peaceful resolution of conflict, which would emulate Dr. Borlaug’s accomplishments in spreading the Green Revolution for which he received the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Selection Committee is composed of a panel of distinguished individuals who are knowledgeable about various aspects of plant science, agricultural production, agricultural policy, nutrition, food processing, food distribution, water and the environment.

Members of the Selection Committee remain anonymous except for the Chairman, Dr. Gebisa Ejeta. The minutes of the Committee's meeting and the views expressed by its members are not made public.

The President of the Foundation serves as an ex-officio, non-voting advisor to the Selection Committee, but does not participate in nor influence the deliberations regarding the selection of the Laureate.

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