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The World Food Prize Foundation Digital Dialogue webinar series offers virtual events, providing a global platform for leaders to discuss pathways toward sustainable and resilient food systems. Featuring World Food Prize Laureates, Borlaug Field Award recipients and experts from around the world, the conversations explore the food system at global, national and local levels. Emphasizing collaborative momentum, the series addresses challenges and proposes solutions for global food and agriculture.

The Digital Dialogues Resource Library showcases past events, including interviews with Laureates and conversations with renowned experts that delve into crucial topics including climate change, water security, gender equity, youth empowerment and rural development. Examples include Heidi Kühn discussing the transformative work of her nonprofit organization, Roots of Peace. Another resource highlights innovations shaping food systems in Africa and Southeast Asia. Covering agriculture, youth engagements and perspectives on resilience during COVID-19, the series delves into crucial topics.

Mirroring the Borlaug Dialogue's "conversation" format, Digital Dialogues foster collaboration, allowing voices from diverse disciplines and world regions to share insights, enhance connections and discuss strategies for the international effort for a food-secure world and contend with global challenges.

Past Digital Dialogues Resource Library


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Live with the Laureate: A Conversation with Heidi Kühn | WATCH

Fostering Innovation: A conversation featuring World Food Prize President Ambassador Terry Branstad and three Borlaug Field Award Recipients | WATCH


She Who Provides: Agriculture and Climate Essentials | WATCH


Building Forward Better: WFP Laureates Mobilizing for Food Systems Action | WATCH


Live with the Laureate: A Conversation with Dr. Rattan Lal | WATCH

Defining Medium to Long-term Improvements for Resilient Food Systems | WATCH

Perspective on Food Systems Resilience in COVID-19 | WATCH

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