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2000-2009 Laureates

2009 | Dr. Gebisa Ejeta


The 2009 World Food Prize was awarded to Dr. Gebisa Ejeta of Ethiopia, whose sorghum hybrids resistant to drought and the devastating Striga weed have dramatically increased the production...more

2008 | Hon. Robert Dole & Hon. George McGovern

United States

The inspired, collaborative leadership of former U.S. Senators Robert Dole and George McGovern has encouraged a global commitment to school feeding and enhanced school attendance and nutrition...more

2007 | Dr. Philip E. Nelson

United States

Dr. Nelson's innovative scientific breakthroughs have revolutionized the food industry, particularly in the area of large-scale storage and transportation of fresh fruit and vegetable products using...more

2006 | Edson Lobato, Dr. A. Colin McClung & Alysson Paolinelli

Brazil, United States, Brazil

The 2006 World Food Prize Laureates--Mr. Edson Lobato of Brazil, Dr. A. Colin McClung of the United States, and H.E. Alysson Paolinelli of Brazil... more

2005 | Dr. Modadugu Gupta


Dr. Gupta’s achievements in freshwater aquaculture have helped millions of rural farmers overcome severe poverty and nutritional deficiencies. Dr. Gupta developed low-cost technologies to...more

2004 | Prof. Yuan Longping & Dr. Monty Jones

China, Sierra Leone

Working independently, Professor Yuan Longping and Dr. Monty Jones each made breakthroughs in rice science that saved million of lives. Yuan's work led to the world’s first successful and...more

2003 | Catherine Bertini

United States

As the United Nations World Food Programme’s Executive Director from 1992 to 2002, Ms. Bertini’s relentless efforts and keen insights transformed that agency from primarily a development assistance organization...more

2002 | Dr. Pedro A. Sanchez

United States

By pioneering ways to restore fertility to the poorest and most degraded soils in Latin America and Africa, The 2002 World Food Prize Laureate, Dr. Pedro A. Sanchez, has made a major contribution to preserving our delicate ecosystem, while...more

2001 | Dr. Per Pinstrup-Andersen


Dr. Pinstrup-Andersen personally initiated the research effort which enabled several governments to reform their food subsidy programs, dramatically increasing food availability to the most poor in each country. This research laid the...more

2000 | Dr. Evangelina Villegas & Dr. Surinder K. Vasal

Mexico, India

Dr. Evangelina Villegas of Mexico and Dr. Surinder K. Vasal of India are the co-recipients of the Millennium World Food Prize. Dr. Villegas, a cereal chemist, and Dr. Vasal, a plant geneticist... more

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