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As esteemed leaders in their diverse disciplines, the World Food Prize Laureates  exemplify unwavering devotion to ending global food insecurity. Their tireless commitment and ongoing professional dedication exemplify their  relentless pursuit of this noble cause. To demonstrate their unity and resolve, our Laureates have joined together with one voice to champion both transformation and urgency through the issuance of the Laureate Letters.

In 2024, G20 leaders have been urged to commit to Brazil’s agenda for ending global hunger and poverty by some of the world’s most distinguished food security experts amid rising levels of hunger and climate vulnerability.

As the UN warns of imminent famine and extreme hunger in Gaza, Haiti and Sudan, 27 World Food Prize Laureates made the plea for the G20 to agree to a new global plan to tackle the food crisis in an open letter. The full letter can be found below. Help us to spread the word by using the below social media toolkit. Please use the hashtag #WFPLaureates4Action and tag @WorldFoodPrize.

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