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2022 Digital Dialogues


She Who Provides: Agriculture and Climate Essentials | WATCH

The shocks and disruption to our food systems and agri-value chains from conflict, climate change and epidemiological disasters, such as the COVID19 pandemic, are rippling throughout the world. These shocks are occurring in the midst of an accelerating climate crisis that is impacting every country on every continent without exception, and our international and local food production systems. Recent events demonstrate that global supply chains are intrinsically interlinked and the impact of individual events quickly cascade around the world at high speed with rising food and energy prices. Whether the shock is a war, flood, famine or drought, women are disproportionately impacted and food insecurity increases. These short-term and long-term consequences must be mitigated with viable solutions to empower women’s production capacity and purchasing power to ensure food security for all.


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