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2005 Ceremony

THE 2005 WORLD FOOD PRIZE was formally awarded to Dr. Modadugu Gupta of India who received the World Food Prize in a ceremony at the Iowa State Capitol Building October 13. The ceremony took place during the 2005 Borlaug Dialogue, themed "The Dual Global Challenges of Malnutrition and Obesity."

Dr. Gupta was a major player in the 'blue revolution' which fortified the nutritional diets of millions of impoverished families. His work focused on aquaculture and through that empowering men and women in rural areas. 
Attended by dignitaries and experts from over 63 Countries, the Laureate Ceremony was a special celebration of United Nations World Food Day and the highlight of the 2005 International Symposium. In addition, an Indian dance was performed in honor of Dr. Gupta as well as a song sung by the British protege, 13-year-old Alex Prior. 
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2005 Laureate Award Ceremony

Dr. Gupta accepts 2005 World Food Prize 


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