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Brazil - EMBRAPA

Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation

The Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA) in Londrina, Brazil has hosted fourteen high school interns since 2002.

Established in 1975, EMBRAPA's mission is to provide feasible solutions for the sustainable development of Brazilian agribusiness through knowledge and technology generation and transfer.

EMBRAPA carries out research and development concerning the soybean plant. 

Interns at EMBRAPA work alongside renowned international researchers and experts - like Dr. Amélio Dall 'Agnol, Dr. Francismar Marcellino, Dr. Alexandre Nepomuceno, and Dr. Eliseu Binneck - in EMBRAPA's research labs in Londrina.

The students also have the opportunity to travel around Brazil with their host families and colleagues to see the Iguazu Falls, play soccer, and learn Capoeira, a traditional Brazilian martial art and dance.

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Travel Information For Brazil

Suggested travel link:


Visa Required: No visa requirement for visits under 90 days. 

Passport: Required

Travelers Health & Vaccinations: Visit the CDC website at

Embassies & Consulate Contact:

  • U.S. Embassy Brasilia- SES 801 - Avenida das nacoes Lote 3 70403-900 -

Brasília, DF Brazil

Telephone - 011-55-61-3312-7000

Emergency - 011-55-61-3312-7400

  • U.S. Consulate General Sao Paulo - Rua Henri Dunant, 500 Chacara Santo Antonio,

04709-110 - Sao Paulo, SP Brazil

Telephone - 011-55-3250-5159

Emergency - 011-55-11-3250-5373

Geography: Refer back to “International Internship Sites”

Cellular apps (highly suggested to download prior to departure): US Embassy app, 

 Airline(s) the intern will be traveling through, and Whatsapp.



What is the weather usually like during the period June through August?

The weather in Londrina during that time of the year is typical of fall/winter at 23º S, which is the Latitude of Londrina. Nights will be cool and the days will usually be nice with clear skies. That will be the driest time of the year. The average monthly temperatures are cool (June, 17.6 ºC; July, 16.6ºC; and August, 18.5ºC). The monthly average minimum and average maximum temperatures are: June, 13.5 ºC and 22.3 ºC; July, 11ºC and 23.8ºC; and August, 12.4ºC and 25.8ºC, respectively. However, in some years winter nights can get cold, at least for us (5 to 10oC). Average monthly rainfalls are: June, 83.3mm; July, 68.9mm; and August, 62.8mm.

Describe the range of attire required during the internship:

The dress code is business casual, shorts are not allowed at Embriapa Soybean. Futhermore, you are going to stay here on our winter season. Also, you should be aware Embrapa does not have a heating system in most facilities.

Will there be a need for more formal clothing?

Occasionally, formal clothes might be advisable.

Dorm-Style housing? Home-hosting with a family?

Home-hosting with a Brazilian family.

Will I need an electrical adapter for my small appliances?

You may need a cheap adapter, which can be bought at any appliance store in Londrina. The voltage in Londrina is 120V. In other cities, it might be 220v.

Where are meals taken? 

During working days, lunch in the Restaurant/Cafeteria at Embrapa Soybean, breakfast and dinner with the home stay family. In weekends, the meals are taken at home or in restaurants provided by the host family.

Will there be other high school or college students living and working there this summer?

Yes, there will be many college students working in the same lab.

Is it advisable for me to bring a laptop computer with me? 

Yes, if you want to use the Internet at the host home (be sure your laptop has wi-fi connection capability). At Embrapa we have the availability of many computers with full internet access. However, it’s advisable always take your own laptop with you on trips. If you decide to do so, we can include your own device in Embrapa Soybean network system.

Will I have access to a work computer?

Yes, You will have access to a work computer in the Laboratory.

Will I have Internet access at work? And in my living quarters?

Yes. There is a computer office in the Laboratory with full internet access. Also, at the host family’s home, you will have full access to the internet (wi-fi), as mentioned before.

Will I have a telephone in my room? 

Yes, there is a telephone in the lab.

Will I receive an orientation to local customs, where I should and should not go, wise safety practice for the area, etc.?  Would such guidance/mentoring throughout the summer come from a person other than my direct project supervisor?  If so, who is the person and how do I contact her/him?

Yes, you will have orientation from your supervisor/mentor and your host family. Also, all the lab members will be happy helping you on this matter.

Is the workweek Monday through Friday?  The typical workday consists of how many hours?

Our typical workday is from 8 am to 5 pm, with one hour for lunch, from Monday through Friday.

What churches are available in the area of the research center?

Embrapa Soybean is located on a research farm at 18 km from downtown Londrina, so no churches will be available nearby. However, in Londrina it is possible to find churches and temples of practically all denominations.

How can I access currency?  (Is there a bank near the center?)

Yes, there is a Banco do Brasil agency in Embrapa Soybean, which is open from 8:30am to 12:30pm from Monday to Thursday.

In case of a medical need or emergency, is there a clinic or medical facility near the place I will be working?

Yes, Embrapa Soybean has an ambulatory with a nurse available from 8 am to 12 noon and from 1 pm to 3 pm every working day. If an emergency occurs, you will have support. Moreover, Londrina is a city with very good medical clinics and hospitals.


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