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World Vegetable Center

The World Vegetable Center (AVRDC) in Shanhua, Taiwan has hosted twelve high school interns since 2006.

Established in 1971, the AVRDC works to alleviate poverty and malnutrition through the increased production and consumption of safe vegetables.

The AVRDC carries out research and development in health policy, climate change, malnutrition, and women's livelihood improvement.

Headquartered in Shanhua, Taiwan, the AVRDC also has research centers in Thailand, India, and Tanzania, among other countries.

Interns at AVRDC work alongside renowned international researchers and experts - like Dr. Dyno Keating, Dr. Robert de la Pena, and Dr. Kadirvel Palchamy - at the Wu Ling Farms field site and the AVRDC's research labs in Shanhua.

The students also have the opportunity to travel around Taiwan with their host families and colleagues to see dragon boat races, the night markets, Cing-An temple, Shanhua Cattle Mound, Shen Guangwen monument, Shanhua sugar refinery, and theatrical plays in Tainan.


Taiwan Specific Questions

Suggest Taiwan travel link:

Visa Required: Not Required for stays less than 90 days

Passport: Required

Travelers Health & Vaccinations: Visit the CDC website at

Embassies and Consultant Contact:

  • The American Institute in Taiwan - 3rd Floor, consular Section #7, Lane 134 Hsin Yi road, Section 3 Taipei, 106 Taiwan.

Telephone: +(886) 2-2162-2000 ext. 2306

Emergency: +(886)2-2162-2000

  • Kaohsiung Branch Office - No. 88 Chenggong 2nd Road, 5th Floor Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Telephone: +(886)7-238-7744

Emergency: Please contact the American Institute in Taiwan

Geography: refer to "International Internship Sites" map

Cellular apps (highly suggested to download prior to departure): US Embassy app, Airline(s) the intern will be traveling through, and Whatsapp.


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Common Questions Asked of the Host Centers by the World food Prize International Summer Interns

Who will pick me up at the airport?  Where exactly should I meet this person?  Who would I contact and at what phone number if my flight is behind schedule and extremely late in arriving? 

After completing immigration and passing through Kaohsiung Customs gate you will find our driver carrying a sign saying "Welcome to WorldVeg, Intern (name)”.

What is the weather usually like during the period June through August?

Please see Weather News for Tainan City:

Describe the range of attire required during the internship:

Is the dress code business or casual?


General description of accommodations:

Dorm-style housing?  Home-hosting with a family?

Dorm-style housing equipped with basic furniture, i.e. bed, desk, chairs, closet, desk lamp, electric fan, air conditioner, telephone, TV, internet and individual bathroom.   

Individual or common bathrooms?


Where are meals taken?

Cafeteria, it is located in the same building as the dormitory.

Will there be other high school or college students living and working there this summer?

We have undergraduate summer students from local universities in July and August every year. In addition, there are some graduate and undergraduate students from elsewhere who stay here throughout the summer period. Most of them live in the dormitory.

Computer access and usage:

Is it advisable for me to bring a laptop computer with me?

Yes, this will allow you to connect to the internet in your dormitory and office.  Since regular telephone communications out of Taiwan are relatively expensive, it would be useful for you to set up a Skype (or other telephone/voice-over-internet) account accessible through your laptop when connected to the internet in your room for making calls home.


Will I receive an orientation to local customs, where I should and should not go, wise safety practice for the area, etc.?  Would such guidance/mentoring throughout the summer come from a person other than my direct project supervisor?  If so, who is the person and how do I contact her/him?

Dr. Maarten van Zonneveld will be your academic Supervisors. A general orientation about the local customs and safety matter will be given by Aileen, our Training Coordinator upon your arrival. Taiwan is generally a safe place and people are very helpful.

Is the workweek Monday through Friday?  The typical workday consists of how many hours? 

Yes, the workweek is Monday through Friday.  The workday consists of 8 hrs, 7:45-11:45 and 12:45-4:45.

How can I access currency?  (Is there a bank near the center?)

The Cashier’s Office in the main building provides the currency exchange service, but only from US$ to NT$ (local currency).

In case of a medical need or emergency, is there a clinic or medical facility near the place I will be working? 

There are many clinics and small hospitals in Shanhua where you can reach within 5 to 10 minutes by car.  There are several big hospitals in Tainan city where you can reach within 30 to 50 minutes.


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