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Godfrey Bahiigwa

Director of Rural Economy and Agriculture, African Union Commission

Dr. Gilbert arap Bor is an accomplished educator, farmer, researcher and agribusiness consultant. He is a practising dairy farmer with more than a life-time span in dairy herd management, having been raised on a cattle farm and later on, settling as a dairy farmer, a dairy products processing and marketing entrepreneur and dairy cooperative promoterHis dairy farm is on 25 acres, with 29 head of dairy stock and grows maize for silage, as well as other green fodder.

Dr. Bor is also a Marketing and Management Lecturer at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa’s Eldoret Campus in Kenya. He holds a PhD in Business Management (Marketing). He has been a member of the Global Farmer Network and writes articles in support of scientific innovations such as biotechnology for use by farmers to improve agricultural production.

According to him, the sure strategy for agricultural productivity, poverty reduction and food/nutrition security in world must address improved farmer education, climate change information and mechanization for smallholders. Attracting youth to agriculture is another important issue that must be addressed.

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