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Antimicrobial Resistance: Preventing the Silent Pandemic in Food Systems

Ghada Zoubiane

Head of Partnerships and Stakeholder Engagement, ICARS

Dr Ghada Zoubiane is the Head of Partnership and Stakeholder Engagement at ICARS. In her role, she is shaping and delivering on ICARS’ mission, bridging the gap between evidence and practice, and working in close partnership with low- and middle-income countries. She is developing collaborations with a wide range of stakeholders including potential donors, UN bodies, NGOs and the private sector. With a strong appreciation of the science/policy interface, her role includes outreach and advocacy, as well as advising on ICARS strategy.

Ghada has over 20-year experience in both the public and private sector leading and executing research strategies at a national and international level. She was previously the Science and Innovation Lead on AMR at Wellcome, shaping and delivering on their strategy. In addition, she spent over nine years at the UK Medical Research Council (MRC) developing different areas of research including AMR, infectious diseases and public health.  

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