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The Global Food Security Index: Exploring Challenges and Developing Solutions

Pratima Singh

Senior Manager, Policy & Insights, Economist Impact

Pratima Singh is a Senior Manager with Economist Impact’s Policy & Insights team. She leads the Global
Food Security Index, an annual study measuring the state of food security in 100+ countries worldwide.
At Economist Impact, Pratima leads several of the sustainability-themed research programs for
foundations, governments and non-profits seeking evidence-based analysis and policy

Pratima has worked with a number of organizations across the public and private sector including the
National University of Singapore—where her research focused on economic and social policy issues such
as the critical drivers of food prices in India—the Centre for Civil Society, the Asian Development Bank,
and DuckerFrontier, where she supported senior executives at several large agrochemical companies
build their Asia Pacific business strategies. She holds a Master’s degree in Economics from University
College London (UCL) and a BSc Economics degree from the Singapore Management University.

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