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Antimicrobial Resistance: Preventing the Silent Pandemic in Food Systems

Chadag Vishnumurthy Mohan

Principal Scientist, WorldFish

Chadag Vishnumurthy Mohan is a Principal Scientist at WorldFish. WorldFish is part of One CGIAR, the world’s largest agricultural innovation network. Our vision is to end hunger and advance sustainable development by 2030 through science and innovation to transform food, land and water systems with aquatic foods for healthier people and planet. WorldFish is a nonprofit research and innovation institution that creates, advances and translates scientific research on aquatic food systems into scalable solutions with transformational impact on human wellbeing and the environment. Within WorldFish, Dr Mohan leads the aquatic animal health research cluster under the Sustainable Aquaculture Flagship of CGIAR Research Program on Fish Agri-Food systems. He also serves as the Research Lead for India, a scaling country for WorldFish. He holds PhD in aquatic animal pathology from the University of Stirling. His expertise includes aquatic food systems, nutrition-sensitive fisheries and aquaculture, one health encompassing health of animals, environment and people, epidemiology and surveillance, antimicrobial resistance and biosecurity governance.  He comes from a strong academic background of 21 years at the College of Fisheries, University of Agricultural Sciences, Mangalore, India. Before joining WorldFish in April 2014, he worked for Intergovernmental Network of Aquaculture Centres in the Asia Pacific (NACA) based in Bangkok for 11 years, supporting sustainable aquaculture and aquatic animal health R&D programs in 18 Asia Pacific countries.  

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