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How Resiliently Designed Food Systems Achieve Both NRM and Nutrition Wins

Stanley Mutuma

Climate-Smart Agriculture Advisor, Mercy Corps, USAID/BHA-funded Nawiri RFSA, Kenya

Stanley is a livelihoods expert with over 15 years’ experience working on livelihoods-related programs within contexts of climate variability. He has extensive experience designing and implementing climate adaptation and mitigation programs across multiple agro-ecological zones in Kenya, including the north and northeastern arid and semi-arid lands. Stanley’s work incorporates resilient livelihoods and natural resource management, disaster risk reduction, market systems development, research and extension. Thanks to his previous work with State Agriculture Departments and the Kenyan Ministry of Agriculture, Stanley brings a wealth of knowledge around national policy frameworks, including climate change governance. Stanley holds a BS in Horticulture from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and is currently pursuing an MS in Agro-Ecosystems Management at the University of Nairobi.

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