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2018 Borlaug Dialogue Speakers

Prof. Louise Fresco

President, Wageningen University and Research

Louise O. Fresco is the President of Wageningen University & Research in The Netherlands. Louise combines a long academic career as a professor at both Wageningen and Amsterdam with extensive involvement in policy and development, with many programs in Africa, Asia and Latin America and teaching in Sweden, Belgium and the US.

Louise O. Fresco is a member of eight Scientific Academies. Ten years of her career were spent as Assistant-Director General at the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN, as well spending extensive periods in Africa, Asia and Latin America. She served on the boards of companies like Rabobank and Unilever, and also serves in various philanthropies. Her successful book, Hamburgers in Paradise: The stories behind the food we eat, was translated in several languages. In total she has published thirteen books of fiction and non-fiction, while she also writes a bi-weekly column in NRC, the leading evening paper of The Netherlands. She presented a six part documentary on food and development for Dutch public television (to be found in translation on her website You may also have seen her TED talk in Palm Springs in 2009.

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