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December 2012

Dec 6
December 6
Iowa View: My 'Argo' moment

November 2012

Nov 5
November 5
FAO Special Ambassador for Cooperatives receives Rochdale Pioneers Award

 Cooperatives put human beings at the center



October 2012

Oct 23
October 23
A Second Green Revolution?
Oct 22
October 22
Clintons remember McGovern for anti-hunger efforts

Former President Bill Clinton and his wife, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, say they are saddened by the passing of former presidential candidate and Sen. George McGovern.

Oct 22
October 22
George McGovern, The Man Who Never Gave Up

Senator Bob Dole remembers Senator George McGovern, longtime colleague and co-winner of the 2008 World Food Prize.

Oct 21
October 21
George McGovern Dies at the Age of 90

Tonight, Iowans remember former Democratic Presidential candidate George McGovern. McGovern passed away in his home state of South Dakota Sunday morning at the age of 90, but helped shape the way the Iowa Caucus is still run to this day.

Oct 20
October 20
150 high school students participate in prestigious World Food Prize Global Youth Institute

The best and brightest students from 27 states and territories and five countries attended speeches by world renowned leaders, presented their own research, and joined in hunger relief efforts


September 2012

Sep 10
September 10
The World Food Prize Pays Tribute to 1989 Laureate Dr. Verghese Kurien

The “Father of the White Revolution” in India won the 1989 World Food Prize for his significant achievements in milk production and distribution

Sep 6
September 6
White House Honors Amb. Kenneth M. Quinn as "Champion of Change"

Quinn honored for Strengthening Food Security in the United States and Around the World


August 2012

Aug 27
August 27
Young Indian Scientist Announced as First Winner of the Borlaug Field Award

Dr. Aditi Mukherji is the first recipient of the new Norman Borlaug Award for Field Research and Application, Endowed by the Rockefeller Foundation. The annual award will recognize researchers under 40 in the early stages of their work who emulate the scientific innovation and dedication demonstrated by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr. Norman Borlaug.

Aug 16
August 16
Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to be Honored for Public Service at Hoover-Wallace Dinner

The two leaders will be honored for their public service in building economic and agricultural ties with China, and for promoting youth education programs; funds raised at the event will go toward international internships for Iowa students

Aug 6
August 6
Journalists Thurow and Bjerga Explore Global Food, Hunger Issues from the Front Lines

The World Food Prize will host a free public event next week with Roger Thurow, formerly of the Wall Street Journal, and Alan Bjerga, of Bloomberg News


July 2012

Jul 24
July 24
World Food Prize to Co-Host Next Gen Forum

“Can Greater Des Moines Attract Next Gen Workers?” Des Moines organizations host a dialogue with community leaders and regional interns on what the next generation of talent wants in a community and how to respond to those needs



June 2012

Jun 26
June 26
World Food Prize Honors Land-grant Universities with Borlaug Medallion during 150th Anniversary of Morrill Act

Bill Gates, Secretary Vilsack and Secretary Duncan also spoke at today’s anniversary celebration

Jun 13
June 13
Highlights from the 2012 World Food Prize Announcement

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke about the importance of food security and the world's water supply at the 2012 World Food Prize Announcement. She was also presented with a replica of Dr. Norman E. Borlaug's Congressional Gold Medal.

Jun 12
June 12
Dr. Daniel Hillel Named 2012 World Food Prize Laureate

Israeli Scientist Pioneered Micro-Irrigation and Bridged Cultural Divides to Improve Global Food Supply 


May 2012

May 14
May 14
World Food Prize To Co-Sponsor Chicago Council Event; President Obama to Speak

The May 18, 2012, Symposium on Global Agriculture and Food Security will take place around the G8 Summit.


April 2012

Apr 30
April 30
First Annual World Food Prize Iowa Youth Institute Draws Over 300 People

Iowa High School Students Get Inside Look at Global Careers in Science

Apr 18
April 18
World Food Prize Announces 21 Students for Renowned International Internship

High-School students will go abroad this summer to gain firsthand experience at prestigious international research centers, working to alleviate global hunger.



March 2012

Mar 25
March 25
A Birthday Present for Iowa's Greatest Hero


 Op-Ed by Amb. Kenneth M. Quinn, President of the World Food Prize Foundation

Mar 7
March 7
The World Food Prize Offers New STEM Education Opportunity for all Iowa High School Students

Through a partnership with Iowa State University, the program will inspire students to explore careers and opportunities in science, agriculture and related fields.


February 2012

Feb 3
February 3
New International Agriculture Award to Honor Young Field Researchers Emulating Dr. Norman Borlaug

The World Food Prize Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation are seeking nominations for the first annual award.


January 2012

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