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World Leaders Gather for International "Borlaug Dialogue" Symposium


Des Moines, Iowa (October 17-19, 2012) “Partnership and Priorities: Transforming the Global Food Security Agenda” highlights the role of partnerships and their importance in confronting hunger challenges by driving forward cutting-edge research and application at the intersection of science, education and enterprise. The Borlaug Dialogue will bring over 1,000 visitors from over 65 countries to Des Moines from October 17-19.

Critical issues will be explored through keynote presentations and lively and engaging “conversation” sessions that will feature the expertise and diverse perspectives of  governmental leaders, policymakers, CEOs and executives from agribusiness and NGOs, scientific and academic experts, development leaders and young innovators from around the world.

Keynote speakers include:

  • HRH Princess Haya Al Hussein, UN Messenger of Peace and Chairperson of International Humanitarian City
  • Ambassador Ertharin Cousin, Executive Director, UN World Food Programme
  • Dr. Daniel Hillel, 2012 World Food Prize Laureate 
  • Rajiv Shah, Administrator, U.S. Agency for International Development
  • Peter Brabeck-Lethmathe – Chairman of the Board of Directors, Nestle
  • Betty Bugusu – Managing Director, International Food Technology Center at Purdue University
  • Christopher Elias – President, Global Development, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Pierre Ferrari – CEO, Heifer International
  • Jane Karuku – President, Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa
  • Mehmood Khan – EVP, Chief Scientific Officer, PepsiCo, Inc
  • Sandra Peterson – CEO Bayer CropScience
  • Kendall Powell – Chairman and CEO, General Mills
  • Jeff  Simmons – President, Elanco

An evolving agenda and details are here: 

The Borlaug Dialogue is held each year in conjunction with the awarding of the World Food Prize. This annual dialogue brings together international experts and policy leaders to address cutting-edge issues in food security and nutrition.

Through the Borlaug Dialogue, the World Food Prize Foundation helps build alliances in the struggle against world hunger and malnutrition. These efforts help to promote health, enhanced nutrition, and safety both at home and abroad with the first-ever conference to simultaneously address obesity and malnutrition and the first post-9/11 conference anywhere to address agro-terrorism.


ABOUT THE WORLD FOOD PRIZE:  The World Food Prize was founded in 1986 by Dr. Norman E. Borlaug, recipient of the 1970 Nobel Peace Prize. Since then, The World Food Prize has honored outstanding individuals who have made vital contributions to improving the quality, quantity or availability of food throughout the world. Laureates have been recognized from Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Denmark, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Mexico, Sierra Leone, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United Nations and the United States.



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