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2010 Chrystal Award Winner

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Joe-Ann Moser of Omaha, Nebraska, and Allison Zhao of San Diego, California were awarded the John Crystal Award during the World Food Prize Laureate Ceremony on October 14, 2010 at the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines.

Joe-Ann and Allison received the Chrystal Award for their outstanding work as 2009 Borlaug-Ruan International Interns.

Joe-Ann completed her internship at ICIPE - African Insect Science for Food and Health in Mbita, Kenya. Her research focused on the population control of the Tsetse fly. She conducted research and assessed the use of host urine baits for sampling and controling tsetse.

Allison was placed at the International Potato Center in Lima, Peru for her internship. She investigated the effects climate change has on potato production in China. Her project consisted of analyzing the effects of abiotic factors on yield and overall production and the analyzing the potential of potato processing to increase food security and income for poor rural farmers.
Joe-Ann is a graduate of Millard North High School, and she is now majoring in Biochemistry at the University of Pennsylvania.  A graduate of Torrey Pines High School, Allison is studying Chemistry and Economics at Harvard University.

The John Chrystal Award was established in 2001 in the spirit of John Chrystal's commitment to enriching Iowa's relationship with the world and his belief that everyone is entitled to a sense of dignity and adequate food. The award is presented annually to the intern who most strongly reflects Mr. Chrystal’s commitment.

Joe-Ann and Allison were selected as Borlaug-Ruan International Interns after representing their high schools at the World Food Prize Global Youth Institute in 2008. The Global Youth Institute provides high school students the opportunity to interact with Nobel and World Food Prize Laureates, connect with other student leaders from around the world, tour cutting-edge industrial and research facilities, and discuss pressing food security and agricultural issues with global leaders in science, industry and policy. 

Joe-Ann and Allison received their award prior to the awarding of the 2010 World Food Prize to David Beckmann and Jo Luck of the United States.



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