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The World Food Prize Recognizes Chinese Researcher as Winner of the 2017 Norman Borlaug Award for Field Research and Application, Endowed by the Rockefeller Foundation



Research scientist at the China Agricultural University in Beijing is named the sixth recipient of the most prestigious global agricultural award for scientists under the age of 40.


The World Food Prize announced today that Dr. Zhenling Cui a research scientist at China Agricultural University is the 2017 recipient of its “Norman Borlaug Award for Field Research and Application, Endowed by the Rockefeller Foundation.”


Dr. Cui is being honored for his research and extension work in improving soil health and increasing crop production through the implementation of innovative on-farm fertilizer management strategies. His innovations, developed in close conjunction with farmers, have led to improved nitrogen efficiency, resulting in higher maize and wheat yields throughout the North China Plain, while simultaneously reducing soil degradation and water pollution, impacting thousands and thousands of farmers in China.


A Chinese native, who received his Ph.D. at China Agricultural University, 39-year-old Dr. Cui is a member of the faculty at China Agricultural University where he conducts research and implements an extension program for smallholder farmers, aimed at increasing their maize and wheat productivity while maintaining environmental integrity.


To counter the widespread and environmentally detrimental overuse of fertilizer by farmers, Dr. Cui and his research group developed a first-of-its-kind, nitrogen management system that has significantly reduced nitrogen fertilizer application – by as much as 60 percent for wheat and 40 percent for maize – while simultaneously increasing grain yields by 5 percent. Furthermore, nitrogen releases have been reduced by 73 percent in the wheat growing season, and 43 percent in the maize growing season, significantly diminishing soil degradation and water pollution. 


ABOUT THE NORMAN BORLAUG AWARD FOR FIELD RESEARCH AND APPLICATION: An independent jury of experts chaired by Dr. Ronnie Coffman selected Dr. Cui from an impressive group of candidates who were evaluated based on the attributes and accomplishments that reflect those demonstrated by Dr. Norman Borlaug during his work, supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, in developing high-yielding, disease-resistant wheat in Mexico in the 1940s and 50s and subsequently introducing adaptable wheat varieties into India and Pakistan during the 60’s, as both countries faced imminent widespread famine. For these achievements, he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970. More details about the award and previous recipients are available at


以其研究的性质与成就是否与诺曼·博洛格博士所展现出的一致为标准,由罗尼·考夫曼博士为主席的独立专家组在众多有竞争力的人选中,选择了崔博士作为获奖者。在洛克菲勒基金会的支持下,诺曼·博洛格博士于1940于1950年代在墨西哥研发出了高产抗病的小麦品种,随后于1960年代,将多个具有适应性的小麦品种引入备受饥荒困扰的印度与巴基斯坦。基于博洛格博士所作出的杰出贡献,他 荣获1970年诺贝尔和平奖。关于该奖的详情及往届获奖者,参看

ABOUT THE WORLD FOOD PRIZE:  The World Food Prize is the foremost international award recognizing the achievements of individuals who have advanced human development by improving the quality, quantity or availability of food in the world. The Prize was founded in 1986 by Dr. Norman E. Borlaug, recipient of the 1970 Nobel Peace Prize. Since then, the World Food Prize has honored 46 outstanding individuals who have made vital contributions throughout the world. The World Food Prize annually hosts the Borlaug Dialogue international symposium and a variety of youth education programs to help further the discussion on cutting-edge global food security issues and inspire the next generation to end hunger. Press credentials for covering the October World Food Prize Week of events can be requested at



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