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A.S. Clausi

A.S. Clausi

A.S. Clausi received a B.A. in Chemistry from Brooklyn College and continued graduate study at Steven’s Institute of Technology. He was with General Foods Corporation (now Kraft Foods) for 41 years until his retirement in 1987. Mr. Clausi played a large role with General Foods in founding the World Food Prize in 1986. In addition to his career at that company, Mr. Clausi also served as President of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) from 1993 to 1994, chairman of the IFT Foundation, chairman of the Food Safety Council and director of Opta Food Ingredients, Inc. as well as member of various technical advisory boards.

Mr. Clausi invented Jell-O Instant Pudding as well as other prepackaged dessert items. His research team went on to pioneer well-known food products such as Tang, GainesBurgers (pet food) and Cool Whip. While working with the Post Cereal Division of General Foods, he invented such cereals as AlphaBits, Honeycomb and Crispy Critters. Mr. Clausi served as Senior Vice President and Chief Research Officer for General Foods Corporation and under his leadership, the business became highly respected throughout the world and developed into one of the leading R&D organizations.

Mr. Clausi won the IFT International Award in 1987 and received IFT’s highest honor, the Nicholas Appert Award, in 2001 for his outstanding contributions to the field of food technology.

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