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Ngoie Mulunda Grace

Team Leader, Mines Advisory Group (MAG)

I am Ngoie Mulunda Grace, I was born in the Angolan border town of Luau on April 26, 1988, during the war period and I spent most of my childhood and youthhood as a refugee in the neighbouring country of DR Congo. Following the end of the war, I returned home to Moxico, Angola. 

Before joining MAG I was doing my own business in the town of Luau, then I heard of MAG recruitment for Deminers, I thought, being a mother I wanted to contribute to making land safe for children and communities in Angola so I decided to apply for the job as a Deminer and I was successful in getting a job as a Deminer with MAG Angola on May 1st, 2018.

After working for two years as a Deminer, I was given the opportunity to become a Team Leader where l held the position for six months then progressed further to become a Site Supervisor which is my current role.

As a Site Supervisor, I am responsible for managing mine action teams within a certain deployment area, we move with teams where we set up base close to a minefield where we work. My responsibilities include providing leadership and guidance, safety oversight, ensuring effective coordination and communications, ensuring Teams implement the approved operational plans, carrying out MAG´s internal quality assurance and controls, producing field reports and documentation, and providing training and capacity building for junior staff including coaching and mentoring other colleagues (women and men).

Besides being a trained Deminer, Team Leader and Site Supervisor with MAG, I am also trained as an Accountant, and I wish to continue to further my career and skills for the future; Today I am committed to continuing with MAG until the job is finished and Angola becomes free of mines and unexploded ordnance.

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