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Violet Grgich

President, Grgich Hills Estate Winery

Violet Grgich is the current president of Grgich Hills Estate Winery and the daughter of world-renowned winemaker Miljenko “Mike” Grgich and noted philanthropist Tatiana Grgich. 

As a first generation American and daughter of Croatian immigrants, Violet leads with certain principles: diversity, inclusivity, kinship and with service and support of Grgich Hills’ global community top of mind. From her humanitarian work internationally to her support as a board member for Music in the Vineyards, Violet has focused on marrying her passions with the enrichment of her communities.

The storied Grgich history is peppered with examples of how agriculture can be transformative, not only to the visionaries who pursue it, but to the entire communities they serve. Violet is an industry leader pointing the way forward and demonstrating how modern wineries can forge a path that is both environmentally positive while also being socially responsible. She is taking the winery to new heights of quality wine production through the introduction of regenerative farming principles that have been recognized and certified by the very stringent Regenerative Organic Certification. Violet leads a talented team whose pursuit of regenerative organic farming indicates the winery’s constant drive to better understand how to care for the land and, by extension, those who inhabit it. 

Inspired by the work of her mother Tatjana, Violet has also taken an active role in humanitarian organizations, including currently as one of WiRED’s board members, an organization of which her mother was a founding member. Its mission is to bring medical and health education free of charge to underserved communities around the world. Additionally, she supports Roots of Peace, whose mission is to “cultivate peace through agriculture,” particularly in countries that have been affected by war.

Roots of Peace became a natural partner for the Grgich family, who have generations of farming in their family tree. The Grgichs still feel wholly connected to their Croatian roots, much of which are the origin of Mike’s expertise and passion in winemaking. Violet has been dedicated to maintaining a connection to this origin, and in her work with Heidi Kuhn and Roots of Peace, has led as a shining example of how the winemaking industry can shepherd social and cultural transformation that reaches far beyond Napa Valley. 

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