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Elizabeth Whitlow

Executive Director, Regenerative Organic Alliance

Elizabeth Whitlow serves as the Executive Director of the Regenerative Organic Alliance, leading a transformative movement to drive long necessary changes to our agricultural system through the Regenerative Organic Certified® standard: an innovative benchmark for food, fiber and wellness ingredients grounded in the pillars of soil health, animal welfare and social fairness. With a master's degree in environmental studies focused in agroecology, Elizabeth began her career as an advocate for shade-grown, fair-trade and organic coffee growers in Central America. This work sparked a twenty+ year journey examining systemic agricultural policies and championing programs that reward holistic farmers. 

Elizabeth has been recognized on Wine Enthusiast’s Future 40 list for her impactful work at the intersection of our health, farming and the climate crisis. In 2019, her commitment to driving change manifested at TedX Tysons, where she delved into the solution that lies beneath our feet: SOIL. Elizabeth has been a guest speaker at SXSW, Nest Summit, Change Now, the World Living Soil Forum and all around the globe over the last five years. She continues to speak globally on the critical role of regenerative organic farming in mitigating climate change and fostering social equity in agriculture. In just five years, Elizabeth has built the Regenerative Organic Certified® program from its inception to well over six million acres spanning six continents. In the 60 seconds it may have taken to read this bio, the earth has lost the equivalent of 30 soccer fields of soil; and so her greatest honor is to serve a planet that is in tremendous need of our collective effort. Elizabeth currently resides in Northern California with her family, growing both food and community.

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