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Moderator - Hilary Barry

Founder and Secretary General, LadyAgri Impact Investment Hub

Hilary Barry is founder and Secretary General of the LadyAgri Impact Investment Hub. She is Irish. Since her first experience in Ghana in 1993, she has dedicated her career to the design and implementation of social impact programs across Africa, Caribbean and Pacific states. She holds an MsC in Cooperatives, Agri-Food and Sustainable Development from University College Cork, Ireland. She has managed EU, UNDP, World Bank, FAO, ITC , Bilateral funded programmes in agri-SME support public health, food safety compliancy, agri-value chain development and women entrepreneurship across over 35 countries in African Union and Small Island Developing States. She is a gender impact specialist and advises Women led SME’s, Financial Institutions, Agri-Corporates and Multilateral agencies on structuring of agri-value chains, food and commodity agribusinesses through a gender lens.

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