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Onyaole Patience Koku

Chief Executive Officer, Replenish Farms, Ltd.

Onyaole Patience Koku was named 2018 Farmer of the Year by the Cornell Alliance for Science. She is a
member of the Global Farmer Network, 2019 Kleckner Award recipient, 2021 GIZ African Women in
Agribusiness award for COVID-19 Resilience. She serves on the advisory board of the Cornell Alliance for
Science and is dedicated to advocating for access to scientific and innovative tools to help farmers
become more efficient.

Onyaole has experience starting and running a 12,000 broiler bird per cycle poultry farm, commodity
trading both locally and internationally brokering sales for ADM in Nigeria. She has been crop farming on
a commercial scale since 2012, currently harvesting over 1000 hectares annually on farms irrigated with
center pivot systems growing maize, seed, grain and bananas.

Onyaole is on the board of several companies including Bellisima boutique Ltd, Replenish Farms Ltd, One
Hectare One Family Nigeria, Ltd. (a company working towards cropping 200,000 hectares of land in the
next five years to improve livelihoods of small-holder farmers by granting them access to mechanization,
innovation and technology), and Yieldwise Seeds, dedicated to growing high-quality seeds for farmers.

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