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Ayélé Gabiam

Co-Founder & Director of Partnerships, LadyAgri Impact Investment Hub

Ayélé Sikavi GABIAM is of Togolese origin and co-founder of Lady Agri Impact Investment Hub. Ayélé holds a Degree in Communications and Public Relations from the Free University of Brussels (ULB) and speaks French, English and Ewe-Mina.

Being part of the African diaspora, Ayélé is aware of the challenges faced by the African continent and these can only be overcome by the economic development and job-creation within SMEs especially in the agricultural sector.

Specialised in ACP-EU relations. She provides consulting and advisory services on EU Market Access, especially for Interprofessional Associations and Export Agencies along with the CAVIE (African Center for Business Intelligence). She is  a firm advocate for Women led agri-SME’s and is dedicated to facilitating their access to markets and technical, financial and win-win relationships with buyers and suppliers of quality technology and equipment to produce more and better.

She organises high level LadyAgri stakeholder and business meetings and conferences across the African Union and with LadyAgri multilateral partners particularly in the agricultural sector. Her experience on the ground allows her to have excellent understanding of diplomatic and commercial partnership relations with decision-makers from African and the EMEA region.

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