The World Food Prize Foundation

2021 Borlaug Dialogue Speakers

Chandra Shekar Bhadsavle

Founder, Saguna Rural Foundation

Shekhar received his B.S. (Agriculture) and M.S. (Food Science)
from UC Davis. After working in US five years, he returned to his
family farm near Mumbai in 1976. His goals in India have been to
bring more dignity to the farming profession. He is the recipient of
several State, National and International awards for his work
towards the happiness of farmers, soil and environment (
), and has two TEDx Talks to his credit. He has also
given lectures about his work at FAO Rome, Cornell University,
Manessia Turicensis Zurich, and at the World Irrigation Forum in
Thailand. He participated in the roundtable conference at Mexico
City by Global Farmer Network (GFN) Jan 2020.

He views rice as being the most important crop of the world, but
with problems such as significant difficulties faced by women
farmers, great levels of water and Methene generation, and
believes these are within reach to be solved through his holistic
farming technique approach.

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