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2020 Borlaug Dialogue Speakers

Gabriel Carballal

Farmer, Uruguay, Global Farmer Network

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay in December 12, 1973. In 1974 we moved to a farm near Mercedes and lived there until 1990. Living in Tacuarembó (North Uruguay) actually. Remarried with Macarena Izmendi who is a Vet. Father of Ines (19) and Andres (17). 3rd generation Farmer, agricultural technician, work in Soriano, Flores, Rio Negro and Colonia departments in southwest Uruguay. Actually operating 2000 hectares of crops plus 400 hectares of livestock production, all leased land. Crops are: barley, wheat, oats, rye, canola and forage during wither and soybean, corn and forage during summer (it doesn’t snow here in Uruguay so we are able to plant the whole year). Livestock are mostly calves and steers for grass feeding. 50% of the agriculture and all the livestock is under several partnership organizations, the remaining 50% of agriculture is my own operation. Strongly related with AUSID which is the Uruguayan No Till Association. My father was one of the founders so I grew up with that technology. I also belong to the Global Farmer Network, and participated in 2012 GFN and Truth about Trade and Technology roundtable. The GFN is a global organization that involves farmers from all over the world. 5 continents and a lot of different headings represented in a great organization. I participated in several No Till Congress, represented the Farmers in the 2019 FAO symposium about Ag Innovation in favor of Family Farmers, usually assisting to several conferences in the region and the world. I’m also the organizer of a Farm Tour that takes farmers to different countries in order to know different realities, generating talk and discussion with other farmers in different places. I’m an Ag Machinery importer in my country. I can bring closer new advanced technology to local farmers. Cofounder of FarmValue, a company dedicated to promote investments in North America especially based in land investment. Radio and newspaper journalistic media consultant. Co-owner of “Veterinaria Santa Cecilia” a Pet Veterinary. And above everything, a proud Farmer.

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