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2019 Borlaug Dialogue Speakers

Mr. Nicholas Denis

Partner, McKinsey & Company

Nicolas Denis is a Partner at the McKinsey & Company Brussels office, which he joined in 1999. He is the global leader of the McKinsey Center for Agriculture Transformation and Food Security (MCAF), a leader of the Agriculture practice and a leader of the Sustainability practice. Denis also leads McKinsey’s initiative on advanced analytics in agriculture (ACRE). His expertise lies in the fields of food & agriculture on sustainability, strategic, digital transformation, operational and procurement issues. Nicolas works globally with his clients, but with a special focus on Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Denis has authored multiple articles on the agriculture sector, including topics such as food security and transformation of food systems. He has obtained a Master's degree in chemical engineering from the Stanford University (USA) and a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium). Denis is also lecturing a course on sustainability at Solvay Business School (Belgium).

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