The World Food Prize Foundation

Council of Advisors

Dennis Vlegels

Student, Wageningen University

Dennis Vlegels is an honors student at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, studying plant sciences and computer science. He is currently studying abroad at Cornell University. He demonstrated his passion for food systems by winning the Farm to Fork hackathon of EIT Digital in 2020. Together with his friends, he founded a startup - Freeze 4 Ease - that helps to make local food more accessible by selling frozen ready-to-eat meals in the Wageningen city center. Dennis participated in the World Food Prize Global Youth Institute in 2018, began volunteering with his local Youth Institute, and now plays a major role in shaping the Wageningen Youth Institute, working to improve student engagement and helping students with their food security research. Dennis is also a Group Leader for the World Food Prize Global Youth Institute and is working to increase international collaboration between the Youth Institutes. 

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