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2015 Borlaug Dialogue Speakers

Per Pinstrup- Andersen

2001 World Food Prize Laureate

Dr. Pinstrup-Andersen is H.E. Babcock Professor of Food & Nutrition at Cornell University. His life's work has been characterized by a desire to alleviate the suffering of persons without sufficient nutritious food, particularly malnourished and starving children. He has been the driving force in pressing forward a global effort, The 2020 Vision Initiative to assist world leaders focus on the food security crises in the 21st Century. Dr. Pinstrup-Andersen also led research efforts, which enabled the governments of several developing countries to transform their food policies, thus dramatically increasing the amount of food available to the most poor in each country. For nearly a decade, Dr. Pinstrup-Andersen led IFPRI, a Future Harvest Center. Under his leadership, IFPRI became the world’s leading think-tank on hunger issues.  Dr. Pinstrup-Andersen has been professor at Cornell University since 2003.

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