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2015 Borlaug Dialogue Speakers

Yangxuan Liu

Ph.D. Candidate, Agricultural Economics, Purdue University

Yangxuan Liu is a Ph.D. candidate in agricultural economics advised by Dr. Michael Langemeier at Purdue University.  Liu concentrates on agricultural finance and agribusiness management issues.  She received a Bachelor of Science degree in economics with a minor in business administration at University of Macau in China, and a Master of Science degree in agricultural economics at Purdue University.  Liu’s research interests are related to global food security.  Most of her research to date has focused on one particular solution for global food security: precision farming technology.  Her research has the potential to help control the spread of the late blight disease and limit potential losses in the production of tomatoes and potatoes.

Previous experience includes performing research for the Rural Education Action Project in China, organizing the 3rd Annual Global Forum of Leaders for Agricultural Science and Technology, and serving as a cultivator at the 2015 Farm Foundation Round Table.  Liu is an active leader of various student organizations, serving as a student representative on the Purdue University College of Agriculture Graduate Student Advisory Panel, board member of University of Macau (United States) Alumni Association, and various other student organizations on the Purdue Campus. 

In May 2016, Liu is expecting to complete her doctorate in Agricultural Economics and will be seeking a new challenge to further her career in finding solutions for global food security through an interdisciplinary lens.  Ultimately, she hopes to apply her interdisciplinary knowledge to the international development community in order to improve the agricultural productivity for the world’s growing population.

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