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2015 Borlaug Dialogue Speakers

Maria Andrade

Senior Sweetpotato Breeder for SSA & Asia, International Potato Center (CIP)

Maria Andrade, a Senior Sweet potato Breeder for  SSA & Asia from the International Potato Center. She is a good breeder and publicist. She initiated the root and tuber crops program in Cape Verde Islands in 1984. In December of 1999 she released 9 Orange fleshed sweet potato varieties which were  used to mitigate food security and nutrition after the terrible flood of year 2000 benefiting over 120,000 households (HH) with planting material. In 2006, she officially joined CIP staff to manage the Southern Africa Sweet potato Support Platform, with a research emphasis on breeding drought-tolerant sweet potato varieties. She works closely with other CGIAR scientists in the region and also serves as CIP’s country liaison scientist with the Government of Mozambique. 

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