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Harnessing Change

The theme Harnessing Change is a deliberate progression of the 2022 theme, Feeding a Fragile World. After focusing last year on the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, climate change, and conflict, we will focus this year on harnessing innovation, adaptation, and diversification to improve systemic resilience, recover from shocks, and sustainably nourish all people.

As Dr. Norman Borlaug said frequently, pessimism has no place in action. We honor, celebrate, and aim to inspire those who harness change and ultimately shape the future of food and agriculture. Building on Borlaug’s legacy of tackling immense global challenges, this year’s Borlaug Dialogue will both acknowledge how far we have come and make positive strides toward a food-secure future.



How can we rebuild the food system to be more resilient to future shocks?

A resilient food system is one that can absorb shocks, overcome stressors, and mitigate risk, all critical components of ensuring reliable food access for all. At the Borlaug Dialogue, we will discuss how different sectors can enhance resiliency at every level of the food supply chain.  


What innovations will tip the scale towards forward progress on hunger and malnutrition?

Continuous innovation is critical to meet increasing food and nutrition demands amid crosscutting challenges like climate change, increased migration, and resource competition. Food system leaders are encouraged to harness Dr. Borlaug’s legacy of innovation and discuss and implement novel ideas to improve global food and nutrition security at the Borlaug Dialogue.  


How can we empower future generations and those most vulnerable with the necessary tools and resources to become leaders in the food system?

In order to harness change in food systems, all actors - farmers, businesses, universities, nonprofit organizations, governments, youth, and more - must be engaged and empowered to make change. Empowering individuals to embrace progress, deploy innovations, and think critically about the future of food and agriculture is a hallmark of the Borlaug Dialogue. 


How can we mobilize resources to implement solutions at scale?

To decrease current and future levels of food insecurity, food system leaders must unite and mobilize resources to implement solutions at scale. The Borlaug Dialogue provides a space for diverse actors to come together to build effective solutions to the planet’s most intractable food and agricultural challenges.


How can we center not only feeding but nourishing the planet, without leaving anyone behind?

Properly nourishing the global population requires not just producing enough food, but also producing the right food to support good physical, cognitive, and societal health for all. With every country in the world facing the double burden of malnutrition, the Borlaug Dialogue encourages discourse that places increased attention on nutrition security and the acceptability, accessibility, and affordability of nutritious food.


What role does regeneration play in a sustainable recovery?

Regenerative approaches to the food system promote symbiotic relationships between agricultural and ecological systems, using context-specific knowledge to avoid or mitigate harm and replenish natural resources. The Borlaug Dialogue welcomes leadership in this area, recognizes its roots in Indigenous knowledge, and seeks to further explore its potential.

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