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Symposium Planning & Logistics

Symposium Planning & Logistics

Each semester, the World Food Prize selects a highly qualified undergraduate or graduate student for the unique opportunity to take significant responsibility and initiative in carrying out the Borlaug Dialogue. This internship gives students unparalleled professional experience in event planning and management. Various duties include: 

  • Serve as liaison to high-ranking attendees of the symposium
  • Interact with foreign dignitaries, heads of state, and US senators and representatives
  • Correspond with staff of dignitaries and speakers present for the Dialogue to ensure proper handling of logistics
  • Work directly with Ambassador Quinn to determine VIP seating at meals and special gatherings

The ideal candidate will have a strong academic background, a solid work ethic, a capacity for analytical thinking, impeccable attention to detail and excellent oral and written communication skills.



Alumni Reflection"The professional experience and exposure this internship has given me is beyond something I could imagine at the beginning. I was able to better my communication skills by calling embassies and congressional offices and by writing letters to various government officials and nonprofit and private company leaders. Through this internship, I was able to learn about various companies and organizations that engage with food security issues in a variety of ways. Because of this experience, I feel more confident about my own personal skills as I take the next steps in my professional life."

~ Molly, 2018 Summer Symposium Planning & Logistics Intern



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