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Tuesday, Oct. 12
The Fourth Annual Iowa Hunger Summit

Keynote Address (Transcript)
Amb. Tony Hall, Director, Alliance to End Hunger


Wednesday, Oct. 13
The “Borlaug Dialogue”: Day I

Opening Keynote  (Transcript) (Video) (Audio)
Howard Buffett – President, the Howard G. Buffet Foundation

Presentation: Who is the smallholder farmer?(Transcript) (Video) (Audio)
Prabhu Pingali – Deputy Director, Agricultural Development, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Conversation: Smallholder successes around the world (Transcript)  (Video) (Audio)
Moderator: Pedro Sanchez – Director, Tropical Agriculture, Earth Institute at Columbia University
Shenggen Fan – Director General, International Food Policy Research Institute
Ruth Oniang’o – Founder, Rural Outreach Program Kenya
Ajay Vashee – President, International Federation of Agricultural Producers
Vo-Tong Xuan – Vice President, Tan Tao University

Conversation: Promoting smallholders as entrepreneurs and innovators (Transcript)  (Video) (Audio)
Moderator: Louise Fresco – Professor, University of Amsterdam
Marco Ferroni – Executive Director, Syngenta Foundation
Eleni Gabre-Madhin – CEO, Ethiopia Commodity Exchange
Kamal El-Kheshen – Vice President, African Development Bank
Rajesh Kumar – Farmer, Tamil Nadu, India
Shivaji Pandey – Director of Plant Production Division, FAO

2010 World Food Prize Laureates Forum (Transcript) (Audio)
Moderator: Roger Thurow
David Beckmann, 2010 World Food Prize Laureate and President of Bread for the World
Jo Luck, 2010 World Food Prize Laureate and President of Heifer International


Thursday, Oct. 14
The "Borlaug Dialogue": Day II

Conversation: Overcoming major constraints facing smallholders (Transcript)  (Video) (Audio)
Moderator: Uma Lele – Senior Advisor (ret)., World Bank
Jessica Adelman – Vice President, Syngenta
Rolf Derpsch – Senior Expert, Soil Conservation (ret.), GTZ
Joe DeVries – Director, Program for Africa’s Seed Systems, AGRA
Stephanie Hanson – Director of Outreach and Policy, One Acre Fund
Nuhu Hatibu – CEO, Kilimo Trust
Sarah Munalula – Farmer, Mwumba, Zambia

Keynote: Speeding the Forces for Change to End Hunger in Africa (Transcript) (Video) (Audio)
H.E. Kofi Annan – Chair, Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa

Conversation: Smallholder agriculture and biodiversity (Transcript) (Audio)
Moderator: M.S. Swaminathan – Chair, M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation
Christian Borgemeister – Director General, icipe
Christopher Flavin – President, Worldwatch Institute
Dennis Garrity – Director General, World Agroforestry Center
Guilmer Miguel Montufar – Farmer, Nueva Frontera, Honduras
Suyapa Ucles Salinas – Program Coordinator, Mennonite Social Action Commission, Honduras

Presentation: Smallholders in a changing climate (Transcript)  (Video) (Audio)
Sir Gordon Conway – Professor, Imperial College London

Symposium Luncheon Keynote: Progress in Agricultural Development (Transcript) (Video) (Audio)
Jeff Raikes – CEO, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Secretary’s Roundtable (Transcript) (Video) (Audio)
H.E. Nazar Gondal – Minister of Agriculture, Republic of Pakistan
H.E. Mohammad Rahimi – Minister of Agriculture, Republic of Afghanistan
Hon. Tom Vilsack – Secretary of Agriculture, United States

Keynote: Private-sector leadership in partnering with smallholders (Transcript) (Video) (Audio)
Gregory Page – Chairman and CEO, Cargill

Conversation: Partnering with smallholders on strategies for food security (Transcript) (Audio)
Moderator: Sean de Cleene – Vice President, Yara International
Gabriela Cruz – Farmer, Elvas, Portugal
Hon. Jose Fernandez – U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, Economics, Energy, and Business Affairs
Matt Kistler – Senior Vice President of Marketing, Walmart
Robert Zeigler – Director General, International Rice Research Institute


Friday, Oct. 15
The "Borlaug Dialogue": Day III

Symposium Breakfast: “Hunger Fighter” Keynote (Transcript) (Video) (Audio)
Hon. Rajiv Shah – Administrator, US Agency for International Development

Presentation: Land issues facing smallholders (Transcript) (Video) (Audio)
Camilla Toulmin – President, International Institute for Environment and Development

Conversation: Producing more food and better food (Transcript) (Audio)
Moderator: Philip Nelson – Professor Emeritus, Purdue University
Howarth Bouis – Director, HarvestPlus
H.E. Florence Chenoweth – Minister of Agriculture, Republic of Liberia
Dyno Keatinge – Director General, The World Vegetable Center
Jacqueline Morette – Farmer, Pouly, Haiti
Joseph Taets – Vice President, ADM Grain Group
Derek Yach – Senior Vice President for Global Health, PepsiCo

Conversation: The role of livestock in supporting smallholder agriculture (Transcript) (Audio)
Moderator: Alice Pell – Vice Provost for International Relations, Cornell University
Nao Bee Lor – Farmer, Xieng Khouang, Laos
Christie Peacock – Chief Executive, FARM-Africa
Carlos Seré – Director General, International Livestock Research Institute
Thad Simons – President, Novus International
Deepak Tikku – Chairman, National Dairy Development Board Dairy Services

2010 World Food Prize Laureate Luncheon (Audio)
David Beckmann – President, Bread for the World (Transcript) (Video)
Jo Luck – President, Heifer International (Transcript) (Video)

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