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International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics

The International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) in Patancheru, India, has hosted six interns since 2010.

Established in 1972, ICRISAT seeks to reduce poverty, increase agricultural productivity, enhance food and nutritional security, and protect the environment of the dry tropics.

ICRISAT carries out research and development in climate change, bioenergy, agricultural diversification, and increasing market access.

Headquartered in Pantacheru, India, ICRISAT has six research centers in sub-Saharan Africa.

Interns at ICRISAT work alongside renowned international researchers and experts - like Dr. Cynthia Bantilan, Dr. Rosana Mula, and Dr. N. Nagaraj - in the fields and villages of Pantancheru.

The students also have the opportunity to tour Pioneer Hi-Bred International in Hyderabad - a leading developer and supplier of advanced plant genetics - and travel around India with their host families and colleagues to see the Brihadishwara temple, Hussain Sagar Lake, Birla Mandir, Laad bazar, Golconda Fort, Charminar market, and the parks along Necklace Road.


Travel Information for India

Suggested Travel Link:

Visa required: Tourist Visa Required 

Passport: Required

Travelers Heath & Vaccinations: Routine vaccinations. Hepatitis A and Typhoid are recommended

Embassies & Consulates Contact:

  • U.S. Embassy New Delhi - Shantipath, Chanakyapuri New Delhi - 110021 India

Telephone:+(91)(11) 2419-8000

Emergencies:+(91)(11) 2419-8000

  • U.S. Consulate General Chennai (Madras) -  220 Anna Salai at Gemini circle Chennai, India 600006

Telephone: +(91)(44) 2857-4000

Emergencies:(0) 44-2857-4000 Ask for American Citizen Services

  • U.S. Consulate General Hyderabad - Paigah Palace 1-8-323, Chiran Fort Lane Begumpet, Secunderabad 500 003 Hyderabad, India

Telephone: +(91)(40) 4033-8300

Emergencies: 4033-8300 Ask for American citizen Services

Geography: Refer back to "International Internship Sites"

Cellular apps (highly suggested to download prior to departure): US Embassy. Airlines the intern will be traveling through. Whatsapp

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Who will pick me up at the airport? Where exactly should I meet this person? Who would I contact and at what phone number if my flight is behind schedule and extremely late in arriving? 

An ICRISAT driver will pick you up at Shamshabad (Hyderabad) airport. The driver will be at the exit with a placard bearing the acronym ‘ICRISAT’.  

What is the weather usually like during the period June through August?

The weather in June will be hot. However, we also start getting rains in the same month, you should be ready for this. You can bring an umbrella and a light sweater or jacket.

Describe the range of attire required during the internship:

Dress code inside the campus and during meetings is casual. Jeans are allowed with non-revealing tops. Shorts and flip flops are not allowed during office hours. 

Will there be a need for more formal clothing?

A simple dress or light suit may be used during parties hosted by the Institute.

What clothing is culturally accepted/common inside and outside the research station for foreigners?

Outside the ICRISAT campus, dress code can be casual (even jeans are allowed). The kurta and salwar kameez with dupatta (Indian dress) are also recommended and are easy to use.  While in the village/rural areas for field work, the Indian dress would be ideal as it makes you part of the village and also protects your body from exposure to sun.

General description of accommodations:

The dormitory is inside the campus and is very close to offices and residences of staff. Dorm staff, which are mostly men is available 24x7. They are generally courteous with most of them having basic knowledge of English. It is suggested that foreigners should speak slowly.

There are telephones in each room, which can be used to call for small assistance/errands. Those who respond to calls are normally quite conversant with the English language

Individual or common bathrooms?

In one wing of the dormitory solely intended for women learner-participants, there are four rooms and two toilets (two rooms and one common toilet common bath on each side). The rooms and toilets are cleaned everyday.

Laundry facilities?

You will have access to the laundry services of the dormitory, which will be charged to LSU (from the amount World Food Prize will send to ICRISAT). Delivery of cleaned clothes is done every afternoon.

Are towels and bedding provided?

Towels and beddings will be provided. 

Will I need an electrical adapter for my small appliances?

This can be facilitated if the intern can’t bring his/her own.

Where are meals taken? 

There are always vegetarian meals (along with non-vegetarian meals)  in the two cafeterias inside the campus. One cafeteria serves continental and Indian food and the other cafeteria which opens only during lunch and on working days serves only South Indian vegetarian meals.  

  • You can order eggs in the morning (omelet, fried eggs) at breakfast or morning tea time at 10am.
  • The canteen maintains a comment book at where she can mention her complaints/suggestions to the cashier.
  • There is also a store located on campus where she can get basic toiletries and snacks. It’s open from 9 am-4pm on weekdays.

Monthly stipend for food allowance and incidentals will be provided. In this way, intern may opt to buy/do her own shopping.

Will there be other high school or college students living and working there this summer?

There are always students (mostly MSc/PhD) living and working at the Institute even during summer.

Is it advisable for me to bring a laptop computer with me? 

Yes, it is recommended that interns bring their own laptop.

Will I have access to a work computer?

This is quite difficult so I suggest that you bring your own laptop.

Will I have Internet access at work? And in my living quarters?

LSU will request internet connection for you in your flatlet/dormitory room. You can also use the business center of the guestel if you desire.

Interns can also have internet access in the Digital Library

Will I receive an orientation to local customs, where I should and should not go, wise safety practice for the area, etc.?  Would such guidance/mentoring throughout the summer come from a person other than my direct project supervisor?  If so, who is the person and how do I contact her/him?

Yes, Interns will be guided properly by LSU team as well as scientist supervisor regarding the local customs. The LSU Coordinator is available to all learner-participants (students) except when Coordinator is on official tour. However, there is always someone at the Learning Systems Unit (LSU) to assist learner-participants.

Is the workweek Monday through Friday?  The typical workday consists of how many hours?

Workdays are from Monday to Friday with office timings at: 8:00-4:40 PM.  Staff coming from city will reach office by 8:15 AM. There will be tea/coffee break in the morning and afternoon and also lunch break.

What churches are available in the area of the research center?

There is a chapel inside the campus that is open on Sundays and sometimes mass is held, which is pre-announced a few days before.

How can I access currency?  (Is there a bank near the center?)

There is a bank inside the campus and is open from Monday to Saturday (half day). There is also an automatic teller machine at the IDBI bank located inside the ICRISAT campus. Please ensure to carry minimum local currency (USD20) for first 2 days when you reach ICRISAT to help with the basic payments.

In case of a medical need or emergency, is there a clinic or medical facility near the place I will be working?

 ICRISAT has a doctor within the campus.

Will I have a workspace or desk where I can work or study?

A workspace is provided in Dr Padmaja’s or LSU office.

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