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Bangladesh - BRAC

Bangladesh Rurul Advancement Committee

The Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) in Dhaka, Bangladesh has hosted eight high school interns since 2008.

Founded in 1972, BRAC is an international research organization that focuses on long term, sustainable poverty reduction.

BRAC carries out research and development on policy alleviation and empowerment of the poor through a range of core programs in economic and social development, health, education, human rights, and legal services.

Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, BRAC has research centers in both Asia and Africa.

Interns at BRAC work alongside renowned international researchers and experts - like Dr. Mahabub Hossain and Rabeya Yasmin - in the fields and villages of Fatepure and Niamatpui.

The students also have the opportunity to travel around Bangladesh with their host families and colleagues to see Dhaka's outdoor city markets, Shiva temple, Takhana Palace, mango markets, and the Dhakeshwari temple.

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