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Four steps the Iowa Legislature can take to end hunger

By Kyle Poorman and Jon Wogman

As we begin 2023 and a new General Assembly of the Iowa Legislature, Iowans are experiencing record levels of hunger.

This need is well-documented in recent reports of increased demand for emergency food aid due to an end to pandemic-era relief programs, inflation and rising food costs. Addressing immediate needs is important, but to truly end hunger in Iowa we also must address core challenges that lead to inadequate access to food for so many.

The new year provides a new opportunity to regain progress lost to COVID-19 and focus on achieving zero hunger in our state and around the globe. We are more knowledgeable and better prepared now than ever before to adapt to the current hunger crisis and develop resilient food systems that provide healthy, affordable food for all Iowans. We have seen success with effective policies that increase income, reduce poverty and expand food access.

In short, we have the ability and know-how to end hunger by the year 2030; now we must act.

Learn four ways the 2023 legislature can advance us on the path to zero hunger in Iowa Capital Dispatch.

01/13/2023 10:44 AM
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