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By Drs. Lawrence Haddad and David Nabarro
2018 World Food Prize Laureates

The World Food Prize has concluded another life-changing World Food Prize Week, and is celebrating the accomplishments of hunger fighters with this special edition of the Borlaug Blog. Both of our 2018 Laureates Drs. Lawrence Haddad and David Nabarro have had extensive careers in shaping food policy and reducing malnutrition around the world. However, they share more than their efforts to end global hunger - before they were Laureates, they were both DJs!

Dr. Haddad was on the radio in California during his time at Stanford University, and Dr. Nabarro was managing The Marquee, a rock club in London just when Queen and Freddie Mercury were coming on the punk rock scene. Both Laureates agreed that the World Food Prize needed its own playlist, so they created one that represented their shared experience during their time in Des Moines. Each selected song has a special meaning behind it, as explained in the “note from the DJs” below each track. Listen to the full playlist on YouTube HERE.


Heard it Through the Grapevine – Marvin Gaye

This is how one usually finds out important news – but we were both surprised at being named the 2018 World Food Prize Laureates.

Hanging on the Telephone – Blondie

When Ambassador Ken Quinn calls, this is what you do.

I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas

When we heard that we were selected, the feeling was amazing!

London Calling — The Clash

We were both brought up in London.

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life — Indeep

We both were DJs, although I don’t think we saved many lives from doing it.

Eight Days a Week – The Beatles

This was how hard we had to work in Des Moines!

Under Pressure – Queen

Though it was a busy week, we loved it!

Up All Night – War on Drugs

Rewriting our speeches!

We Are Going To Be Friends— The White Stripes

We were already friends, but the shared experience of World Food Prize Week deepened it immeasurably.

I Second That Emotion – Smokey Robinson

We have differences on a few things, but we found ourselves continually agreeing with each other.

Two Can Play That Game – Bobby Brown

We’ve come to see the power of working together.

Born to be Wild – Steppenwolf

The spirit of Dr Borlaug, the World Food Prize Team and the Laureates

What’s the Frequency Kenneth? – REM

We were both stunned by Ambassador Quinn’s ability to connect with such a wide array of people, effortlessly tuning into their frequency.

Never Stop – Echo and the Bunnymen

We are sure Dr. Borlaug did not know of this song, but we know he would have approved of the sentiment.

Destiny – Zero 7

Too many people in the world are denied a say in their own destiny because they are malnourished.

I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

The babies, the mothers and society will survive with good nutrition.

Come Together – The Beatles

The only way to beat malnutrition is if all people around the world unite.

Save Tonight – Eagle-Eye Cherry

We will forever relish the emotion of that Thursday evening

One More time – Daft Punk

We really enjoyed the experience and look forward to coming back!

Starry Eyed – Ellie Goulding

How we were during the ceremony - and still are!

Just Be – Tiesto

We were able to reflect how we really are.  

It’s Like That – Run DMC

The whole week has its own rhythm.  

We Are Your Friends – Justice

We have linked up with a bunch of great people from around the world.

Superstylin’ – Groove Armada

For the staff of the World Food Prize - you all do it so cool-ly.

The Mighty Quinn—Manfred Mann

For the Ambassador who never stops dreaming, connecting and delivering.

Happy – C2C, Derek Martin and Tetra

The amazing joyful energy of all we were with in Des Moines

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet – Bachman Turner Overdrive

We are just starting!

You’re the Boss --Lavern Baker and Jimmy Ricks

People at risk of malnutrition - they are our bosses

Gone At Last—Paul Simon, Phoebe Snow, and the Jessy Dixon Singers

What the amazing and hardworking World Food Prize team must be singing when the Laureates depart!

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