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Submissions Now Open for The Top Agri-food Pioneers (TAP) List


The newly announced initiative will feature 38 must-watch individuals in food systems innovation and advancement.

Submissions are now open for the Top Agri-food Pioneers (TAP) List, a new initiative by the World Food Prize Foundation. The list will feature 38 leading innovators from across the world working to transform food systems, in honor of the organization’s 38th anniversary this year. 

The TAP List will spotlight pioneers of any age, background or career focus working in fields related to food or agriculture. Those selected in the final list will comprise the first cohort of TAP, building a network of trailblazers to be expanded each year to facilitate co-learning and collaboration across food systems. They will also be featured at the 2024 Borlaug Dialogue in Des Moines, Iowa. 

“This exciting new endeavor will help surface those who are driving innovation in food systems to ensure a more sustainable, hunger-free world for us all,”  said Ambassador Terry Branstad, President, World Food Prize Foundation. “We hope the TAP List brings to light the exciting advancements taking place worldwide.” 

In addition to the TAP list, the World Food Prize Foundation recognizes individuals leading in food systems annually with the World Food Prize and the Norman Borlaug Field Award. The World Food Prize is the preeminent international award for food and agriculture and honors those advancing global development through transforming food systems. The Norman Borlaug Field Award recognizes exceptional, science-based achievement in international agriculture and food production by an individual under the age of 40.

“There has never been a more fitting time to create a global network of innovators, given the interconnected nature of food systems challenges,” said Mashal Husain, Chief Operating Officer, World Food Prize Foundation. “The TAP List will bring together a cohort of creative thinkers and doers driving positive change in agriculture and food security.”

Any institution or individual may submit a name for consideration for the TAP List. Criteria, the selection procedure, a social media toolkit for promotion and other information can be found at

Submissions will be accepted through March 8, 2024.

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