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World Food Prize Foundation Selects Eleven Students for Prestigious George Washington Carver Internship Program


The World Food Prize Foundation announced today the selection of 11 students for its prestigious George Washington Carver internship program. 

Every school semester and summer, The World Food Prize Foundation selects a number of extraordinarily qualified students for their George Washington Carver (GWC) internship program. Since its founding in 2001, the GWC internship has impacted hundreds of students and given them the opportunity to learn about not only the operation and impact of an international non-profit organization, but also about the importance of food security. 

This spring 2020 semester, 11 interns have been welcomed into the George Washington Carver internship program from Drake University, Grand View University, Simpson College, Iowa State University, the University of Iowa and Ankeny Centennial High School. Interns will carry out a wide range of projects within the foundation, including archival projects, awards and lectures management, communications and public relations, community relations and grassroot efforts, event planning, graphic design, symposium planning and logistics, and youth programming and education. 

These highly qualified students will play an essential role in the daily operation of The World Food Prize and have the opportunity to further the work of the foundation as well as themselves. Students will work closely with their experienced mentors throughout the semester as they communicate with government officials, World Food Prize Laureates, media outlets and various leaders in the industry. 

"By working at The World Food Prize as a George Washington Carver intern, I hope to gain meaningful connections in the context of food policy, especially being in the agricultural hub of Iowa and the Midwest,” said Laura Harris, spring 2020 George Washington Carver intern. “This position will allow me to generate new ideas about the future of food sustainability, which is the career path I hope to follow after college."

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  1. Sophie Bergan | Ankeny Centennial High School Class of 2020 |

  2. Lenin Cardwell |Drake University Class of 2020 |

  3. Laura Harris | Drake University Class of 2020 |

  4. Ian O’Hagan | Drake University Class of 2020 |

  5. Noelle Hass | University of Iowa Class of 2021 |

  6. Kyle Kinneer | Iowa State University Class of 2020 |

  7. Jonah Kragt | Iowa State University Class of 2020 |

  8. Signe Mattson | Drake University Class of 2021 |

  9. Cole Reiman | Iowa State University Class of 2021 |

  10. Ling Rudicil | Simpson College Class of 2021 |

  11. Gabrielle Watkins-Schoenig | Drake University Class of 2020 | 

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