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Cedar Rapids Gazette: Inspiring Iowa's Youth


Cedar Rapids Gazette encourages students and teachers to participate in the new Iowa Youth Institute.


From the Cedar Rapids Gazette --We know schools receive frequent offers to get students involved in this program or that initiative. But schools should take notice of the World Food Prize Iowa Youth Institute.

The World Food Prize, dubbed the “Nobel Prize of food,” was founded by Iowa Nobel laureate Norman Borlaug. Inspiring the next generation of scientists and hunger-fighters is a big part of Borlaug’s vision. That’s what the youth institute is about. And we agree with its organizers that every Iowa high school should take part.

At its basic level, the youth initiative is an essay contest on food insecurity in the developing world, but it’s much more. Selected students get a chance to contribute to and participate in the Iowa Youth Institute at Iowa State University in April. From there, they could earn a trip to the World Food Prize symposium in October, an amazing opportunity to work with leaders and researchers from around the world. Beyond that honor are prestigious internships with both the food prize and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The goal of all this is to keep the flame of Iowa’s leadership in agriculture, science and related subjects burning bright. Inspiring the state’s youth, whether they attend schools in large cities or the smallest towns, is a great way to make that happen.

- Cedar Rapids Gazette Editorial, Saturday, Nov. 12, 2011. Read the full article at this link

Teachers and students interested in the Iowa Youth Institute can learn more at this link, or by contacting Catherine Swoboda, Director of Midwest and Iowa Education Programs. 


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