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Dr. M.S. Swaminathan's 9th book officially released by Indian Prime Minister


 World Food Prize Laureate M.S. Swaminathan publishes 9th book, officially released by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.


Photo: Courtesy of S. Subramanium, The Hindu
M.S. Swaminathan with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the book release.

World Food Prize Laureate Dr. M.S. Swaminathan recently published his ninth book, From Green to Evergreen Revolution – Indian Agriculture: Performance and Challenge, which was officially released in September by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.  Singh lauded the book as “very timely and it will undoubtedly help policy makers, planners and farmers focus on increasing the sustainability of farm livelihoods.”  In the face of such adverse challenges to India’s agriculture, Dr. Swaminathan’s book  addresses such issues as increasing global food and commodity prices, environmental degradation and demand for bio-fuels.

Dr. Swaminathan has dedicated his life to finding solutions to agricultural problems and hunger.  He has received over 50 honorary doctorate degrees from universities around the world and is a member of over 30 academies worldwide, including the Indian National Academy of Science and the Royal Society of London

Dr. Swaminathan became the first World Food Prize Laureate in 1987 for his work in introducing high-yield wheat and rice breeds to India, effectively starting the country’s Green Revolution. With the $250,000 World Food Prize award, he founded the M.S. Swaminathan Research Center in Chennai, India, which has continued and built upon his legacy of brilliant humanitarian work.  Dr. Swaminathan’s previously published books include Sustainable Agriculture: Towards Food Security, Agrobiodiversity and Farmers' Rights and An Evergreen Revolution.

For more information on the book and comments from Prime Minister Singh visit here.

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