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Highlights from the 2010 World Food Prize Laureate announcement


As announced at the U.S. Department of State on June 16, the 2010 World Food Prize recognizes NGO leaders and grassroots efforts in fighting hunger


2010 World Food Prize recognizes NGO leaders, grassroots efforts in fighting hunger


David Beckmann of Bread for the World and Jo Luck of Heifer International
More information on David Beckmann and Jo Luck, with photos and video, HERE.
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivers keynote remarks while John Ruan III, Janis Ruan, and Ambassador Kenneth M. Quinn of the World Food Prize look on.
USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack discusses a new collaboration between his department and USAID on agricultural research.
Over 350 guests attended the announcement, which featured USAID Adminstrator Dr. Rajiv Shah.

jointly honored for building renowned and effective anti-hunger organizations


David Beckmann and Jo Luck are co-recipients of the $250,000 World Food Prize for their landmark achievements in building and leading Bread for the World and Heifer International, respectively, non-governmental organizations that have enlisted the efforts and commitment of everyday citizens throughout the world in the fight to end poverty and hunger in communities around the globe.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton (remarks and video) delivered keynote remarks and presided over the ceremony announcing the 2010 World Food Prize Laureates, which was held at the U.S. Department of State for the seventh consecutive year and also featured addresses by Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah (full text of remarks), as well as Ambassador Kenneth M. Quinn, president of the World Food Prize Foundation (read remarks as prepared).

David Beckmann, first through his work at the World Bank and then as head of Bread for the World, has had a significant impact in shaping international development programs so that they truly reflect the needs of the poorest people in the world, and in mobilizing a grassroots effort for more focused policies and increased appropriations for hunger alleviation by the U.S. government and its partners.

Jo Luck has spearheaded the effort to build Heifer International, founded in 1944, into one of the premier hunger-fighting non-profit organizations anywhere in the world, bringing food- and income-producing animals to extremely poor families, guiding them to self-reliance, and providing opportunity for improved livelihoods through animal husbandry, technical training, and community development.

"in our opportunity to honor two leaders, Jo Luck and David Beckmann, we recognize the tremendous role they have played in building the kind of political will that Dr. Borlaug talked about...[and] helping those help themselves pull themselves out of poverty with dignity and with effort," said Administrator Shah.

The event also served as the announcement of the U.S. government's research strategy – The Norman Borlaug Commemorative Research Initiative, named in honor of World Food Prize Founder Dr. Norman E. Borlaug – that is part of the overall Feed the Future initiative against hunger and toward food security globally.

"We are committed to fight the twin afflictions of hunger and poverty," said Secretary Clinton. "And we look forward to partnering with NGOs like Bread for the World and Heifer International. ... We have the commitment, we have the technical power, and we intend to make this happen," she added.

In naming David Beckmann and Jo Luck the 2010 Laureates, the World Food Prize recognizes the critical efforts of NGOs in mobilizing and empowering everyday women, men, and children to join in the fight against hunger, and also in encouraging those committed to ending hunger to take a strong voice in advocating for a world with adequate food and nutrition for all.

"If there is an overriding theme to our discussions today, it’s that all of the people we honor and dedicate and remember had the power to remove the fear of sharing and, in fact, to inspire the need to share," noted Secretary Vilsack. "If you think about David Beckmann and Jo Luck, what do they do? They encourage us to share. They encourage us to give of our bounty so others can be fed."

David Beckmann and Jo Luck will formally receive the 2010 World Food Prize at a ceremony in Des Moines on October 14, 2010. The ceremony will be held in conjunction with the 2010 Borlaug Dialogue international symposium on October 13-15, which takes its inspiration from the last words and ongoing legacy of Dr. Borlaug – "Take it to the Farmer: Reaching the World's Smallholders."

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