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1996 Laureate Gurdev Khush makes donation to Punjab Agricultural University


January 28, 2009 - 1996 Laureate Khush makes large donation to Punjab Agricultural University


Dr. Gurdev Khush
1996 World Food Prize Laureate

January 28, 2009 - - 1996 World Food Prize Laureate Gurdev Khush has donated 35 million rupees (roughly $717,000) to Punjab Agricultural University, his alma matter.

Dr. Khush made the announcement on January 15 while delivering the convocation address at the university's College of Agriculture. Dr. Khush's donation comes from money he has accumulated from his various international awards, including the World Food Prize.

Dr. Khush, a rice breeder and geneticist, shared the 1996 World Food Prize with his mentor Dr. Henry Beachell for their advancements in rice breeding that helped ensure that growing populations in Asia and around the world would be supported by sufficient food supplies.

For more on Dr. Khush's donation to Punjab Agricultural University, please click HERE.



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