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Guatemala - Hormel Foods Corp & CeSSIAM

Hormel Food Corp/Project Spammy

Hormel Foods Corp, in partnership with Caritas, in Guatemala City, Guatemala has hosted two high school interns since 2014.

Hormel Foods has been working with partners in Guatemala, including Caritas and the Center for Study of Sensory Impariment, Aging and Metabolism (CeSSIAM), since 2008 to provide SPAMMY, a fortified poultry product designed by Hormel Foods, as a means to address malnutrition in children. Project SPAMMY has become an initiative to save lives in Guatemala by reducing malnutrition. SPAMMY is currently distributed to more than 8,300 Guatemalan families, representing over 30,000 children.

Tailored to meet the specific micronutrient needs of children in Guatemala, Hormel Foods and their partners, including Caritas, continue to conduct research around the benefits of supplementing traditional diets with high-quality protein and micronutrients to better develop the SPAMMY product. Working alongside Project SPAMMY researchers, including Dr. Noel Solomons and Dr. Melissa Bonorden, Borlaug-Ruan interns assist with furthering this research by working with children who participate in Project SPAMMY educational programs.

Borlaug-Ruan interns also have the opportunity to travel around Guatemala with their hosts and colleagues to see areas like the historic city of Antigua and Lake Atatlan.

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Travel Information For Guatemala

Suggested Travel Link:

Visa required: Tourist Visa Required if staying longer than 90 days.

Passport: Required

Travelers Heath & Vaccinations: Visit the CDC website at

Embassies & Consulates Contact:

  • U.S. Embassy Guatemala - Avenida Reforma 7-01, Zona 10 Guatemala city, Guatemala

Telephone: +(502) 2326-4000

Emergencies: +(502) 2331-2354


Geography: Refer back to "International Internship Sites"

Cellular apps (highly suggested to download prior to departure): US Embassy. Airlines the intern will be traveling through. Whatsapp.


Who will pick me up at the airport? Where exactly should I meet this person? Who would I contact and at what phone number if my flight is behind schedule and extremely late in arriving? 

A staff member will pick you up from the airport.

What is the weather usually like during the period June through August?

Temperatures typically range from 60-80ᵒF and there is a lot of rain in the summer months.  

Describe the range of attire required during the internship:

The dress code is casual. For safety reasons, do not wear open toed shoes like flip flops or sandals. sneakers are fine. Absolutely under no circumstances should shorts be worn.  Guatemala is a conservative culture and shorts would be inappropriate.  Khaki’s are fine as long as the length goes at least to the knees.

Will there be a need for more formal clothing?

You will not need formal clothing.

What clothing is culturally accepted/common inside and outside the research station for foreigners?

Jeans, athletic attire, skirts, dresses.

General description of accommodations:

Most of your stay will be in a single family home with a host family in Antigue.You will be staying with Vanessa de Montenegro and her family at Finca Tetuan, Casa No. 9. here you will have a private room, hot water and internet. 

During the Employee Engagement trip you will be staying with the Hormel employees and their families at the Clarion Hotel in Guatemala City.

Individual or common bathrooms?

Shared bathroom with host family.

Laundry facilities?

Each host family has laundry facilities on site.

Are towels and bedding provided?


Will I need an electrical adapter for my small appliances?

No the outlets in Guatemala are the same as in the U.S.

Where are meals taken? 

Meals will be taken with your host family. During the engagement trip meals will be taken with the other participants.

Will there be other high school or college students living and working there this summer?

CeSSIAm will host a number of students this summer. You will meet them throughout your 8 weeks in Guatemala.

Is it advisable for me to bring a laptop computer with me? 

Yes, please bring your laptop.

Will I have access to a work computer?

 No. You will use your laptop throughout your time in Guatemala.

Will I have Internet access at work? And in my living quarters?

Yes for both.

Will I have a telephone in my room if living in a guest-house or dormitory?

We recommend that you purchase a cell phone when arriving in Guatemala. Please be sure to provide this phone number to Crystal Harris at World Food Prize and the CeSSIAM staff as soon as it is available.

Will I receive an orientation to local customs, where I should and should not go, wise safety practice for the area, etc.?  Would such guidance/mentoring throughout the summer come from a person other than my direct project supervisor?  If so, who is the person and how do I contact her/him?

When you arrive to the offices in Guatemala City you will receive an orientation from CeSSIAM.

Is the workweek Monday through Friday?  The typical workday consists of how many hours?

Monday through Friday is the norm.  A typical work day is 8 hours.

What churches are available in the area of the research center?

Please let us know what type of church you typically attend and every effort will be made to assist you.  You can attend mass freely at Catholic churches; Evangelical churches are more private and you can attend sermons only with an invitation of a member

How can I access currency?  (Is there a bank near the center?)

ATMs are recommended - please advise your bank that you will be in Guatemala.

What would be an appropriate gift for a host family or summer supervisor?

Ideally, it would be a gift that would be used while breaking bread – perhaps something like a nice serving platter.

Where should I report for work each day and to whom will I report daily?

You will be working in Antigua with either Alejandra Zamora or Teresa Palala.  They will accompany you during your research work in Guatemala.

In case of a medical need or emergency, is there a clinic or medical facility near the place I will be working?

Your safety and overall well-being will be our number one priority.  Please don’t worry about needing medical care.   In the unfortunate event that you will need emergency medical care, a process in place to assure that you will receive excellent care.

Will I have a workspace or desk where I can work or study?



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