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Costa Rica - Monteverde Institute

Monteverde Institute

The Monteverde Institute (MVI) in Monteverde de Puntareñas, Costa Rica, has hosted three high school interns since 2003.

Founded in 1986, the MVI works to promote environmental sustainability through research and development with consideration to environmental, social, cultural, economic, and technical factors.

The MVI carries out research and development in ecotourism, conservation biology, community health, land use and sustainable development, and Spanish language and culture.

Interns at the Monteverde Institute work alongside renowned international researchers and experts - like Nat Scrimshaw, Jason Niebler, Stewart Dallas, Sylvia Newell, Chris Heaney, David Himmelgreen and Sophia Klempner - in the laboratory and field at Finca La Bella, the Environmental Health Laboratory and Santa Elena wetland.

The students also had the opportunity to travel around Costa Rica with their host families and colleagues to see the rainforests, Cocos islands, Lancaster Botanical Garden, Poas valcano crater, Manuel Antonio National Park, the Light Blue River, Monteverde Reserve, Chirripo Mountain, and the National Theatre.

Images licensed by CC-BY-SA and GFDL (courtesy: Guety, Mariordo, Asequeir, Aalvere212, and RANDOMX.)

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