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Forming and maintaining relationships are crucial to effectively carrying out community and international development programs and projects. Relationships between development organization participants/communities and staff members allow both parties to further their project goals. Additionally, relationships between staff members from diverse backgrounds and cultures allow for increased project collaboration and improved service delivery to clients. Important as well are inter-organizational relationships so that organizations serving similar populations with different areas of expertise can best collaborate and share knowledge, pooling together resources and experience to optimize client experience.

The session will be a panel discussion/Q&A format. Self-Help International Program Specialists Katie Seifert and Jessica Crawford will facilitate conversation with Ghana- and Nicaragua-based staff on their process of forming relationships with communities, government partners, and other organizations. Attendees will be able to submit questions via the chat that will be presented to panelists. 




Benjamin Kusi
Ghana Country Director
Self-Help International

Victoria Yamson
Empowering Women & Girls Program Coordinator
Self-Help International

Yolanda Fletes
Nicaragua Women’s Empowerment Program Officer
Self-Help International

Orlando Montiel
Nicaragua Clean Water Program Officer
Self-Help International

Spanish-English translation assistance provided by:
Lucia Vega
Nicaragua Program Operations Manager
Self-Help International


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